For a price quote, you'll to tell us:

  • How many people are going on your trip?
  • Where are you being picked up from? Where will you be dropped off at?
  • When is your event?
  • How long will you need the bus? What time will service begin and end?
  • What style of vehicle would you like?

Getting a free quote from us is easy and quick. All you have to do is give us a simple phone call and let us know a few small pieces of information about your event and we'll be able to help you determine the best vehicle and service for your event at the lowest rates possible! Then when you are ready to book we can pick up where we left off.

Customized, Affordable Luxury Limo Rental Pricing Quotes

If you think that you'll have to pay a lot for such amazing service, you have another thing coming. We offer the Myrtle Beach area the most affordable prices on amazing and luxurious party buses around. All of our prices are designed to be fair, and transparent and we handle our price quotes on a case by case basis. After all, each event is unique, so the price that you pay should be too. When you're ready to book or just want prices, answer the following questions so that we can give you the most accurate price quote possible:


How many people are going on your trip?

This allows us to find the party buses that will actually fit your group in terms of size. We'll make sure each member of your group will have comfortable seating space in the vehicle we assign.

Where are you being picked up from?

While you're on the bus, you're free to go wherever you want, but if the pick up location is more than 50 miles away from us, we may charge an additional fuel surcharge to your full price quote.

When is your event?

The date is extremely important for us because we base our prices off demand. The prom and wedding seasons falling in late spring until late summer are the more expensive times of the year. As are weekends year round. Especially Sundays.

For how long will you need the bus?

We typically have a 6 hour minimum for our buses, but our buses are at an hourly rate, so if you know that you want or need more time you should let us know ahead of time.

What bus or limo would you like?

You of course can choose one from our website or you can make an appointment with us to come on in and hand pick the bus you'll be using for your trip, today!

Affordable Limo & Bus Fleet In South Carolina!


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