Our Knowledgeable Employees:

As a company that provides luxury limo and bus service to one of the most luxurious and most fun areas in the country, we want to also provide the most amazing and luxurious customer service experience. Be believe that it's essential for a thriving company built on serving the fine people of Myrtle Beach along many of people around South Carolina. From the moment you contact our reservation specialists you'll be embraced with enthusiasm. We stock our team with people are excited, nice and fun, and who are also highly knowledgeable on the party bus business to get you the best possible deal.

The Dazzling Vehicles We offer:

Our party bus designers and builders are the best in the industry and are highly experienced in designing luxury limousine vehicles that are both unique and stylish, to hit as many different types of events as possible. We make sure that the vehicles are in tip top shape both inside and out before and after every trip, so that you get a party bus that is both safe and luxurious. Our staff keeps our limos and buses updated so we constantly redefine your definition of luxury, over and over again. Every single vehicle in our extensive fleet comes equipped with all the latest in gadgets and technology, not to mention the best in luxury and posh. We take pride in being the best when it comes to other companies and we owe it all to the great team that we have brought aboard.

Our Chauffeurs:

We only allow for the top and most heavily tested drivers to get behind the wheel of one of our party buses. Safety is paramount at Party Bus Myrtle Beach and all of our chauffeurs are well screen and heavily tested long before we put them behind the wheel with our customers so that you know that you're safe. You can feel comfortable that you safely arrive to wherever you are going when you are in our chauffeurs hands. All you need to do is tell them where you would like to head and they will get you and your party there as efficiently as possible. Not sure where you'd like to head? Don't worry! Our staff of expert chauffeurs know the city layout by memory. They will be happy to escort your party to every single one of the best clubs in the greater Myrtle Beach area! Even if they don't know where you want to go, we keep our drivers stocked with up to date GPS systems.

Affordable Limo & Bus Fleet In South Carolina!


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