South Carolina Concerts & Festivals

Myrtle Beach is a vibrant concert city all throughout the year. While some of the main music festivals take place in the summer, you can find music events year round. The biggest festival in the city is the Carolina Country Music Festival, but there are so many other amazing concerts and festivals for you and your friends to enjoy in the area all year long. All of which are only made better by booking your own chauffeured party bus or limo so you can enjoy more time with your friends and family instead of dealing with traffic and parking. Plus you will be the envy of the parking lot with your mobile night club so you might want to up-size your vehicle to have room for all of the new friends you will make when you roll up with music blasting and a fully stocked bar, assuming you choose to stock it up with alcoholic drinks and don't forget the mixers.

Country music is by far the most popular genre for live concerts in this area. The Carolina Country Music Festival has featured big names in the past like Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. If you're looking for a great country music concert in Myrtle Beach, you can't miss out on this annual event. The concert takes place on the Boardwalk, a beautiful location right on the coast of the ocean.

While the area is full of beautiful outdoor venues, some of the indoor concert halls are stunning. The most popular concert venue is House of Blues. Opening its doors in 1997, House of Blues offers a little more than great music. Their restaurant is also one of the best in town. So if you're looking for a great night out, be on the lookout for concerts you're interested in and schedule a dinner date with awesome live music. Tuesday is one of the biggest concert nights here, while the weekends are pretty busy as well. Rock and Blues is their main focus: Flogging Molly, Styx, Disturbed and Ted Nugent have all played at the House of Blues in past years. But various other genres are frequently featured as well. Big hip-hop names like T-Pain, Ne-Yo and 2 Chainz have also made their appearances.

Local bars are also wonderful places for more intimate and local concerts. While you aren't as likely to see some of the big names that are known to grace the stage at the House of Blues, the area has an enthusiastic local music scene. If you're looking for a great way to experience the heart of the city without the large budget that some of the more popular acts require, seeing a local concert at one of the city's numerous pubs works perfectly. For country fans, be on the lookout for the Austin-Mowery Band concerts. They love playing at the Wild Wing Cafe, which is a great place for wings and burgers in pure South Carolinian fashion.

But you can also find a plethora of unique local concerts throughout our SC service area. The Painted Man is another local band hailing from the city, but with these guys, funk is the main attraction. They're a really unique band that knows how to put on a creative, entertaining performance. The Dead Dog Saloon is one of their favorite venues in town, so be sure to pop in there and see their event schedule.

From large music festivals at beautiful outdoor venues to local bands playing at their favorite restaurants and pubs, seeing a concert in Myrtle Beach is a great way to see what the town's all about. Whether you go for some of the things the city's most famous for — country music, great Southern weather — or if you decide to see the city as the locals see it, great times, good food and even better music awaits you when you book your next concert/festival party bus trip with us.

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