South Carolina Weddings

Our city is most famously known for there beautiful crystal clear white beaches flowing into the soft and relaxing ocean. It's the absolutely perfect spot for weddings and it's one of the most popular spots in the country. You can have a classic story book white wedding right on the beach, if you want to. It's only natural that a wedding, especially here, has all of the best things planned for it. With fine and luxurious catering, and floral. And even photographers and videographers to capture even the smallest moments with your friends and family. One of the most important aspects of your big day is timing and making sure that all your guests are exactly where they need to be at the right time. That just so happens to be our biggest specialty when it comes to weddings. Not only will we provide you with on time transportation, we'll also provide you with a luxurious limo bus experience. Now, normally you might notice that people tend to rent limousines instead of limo buses for weddings. But, a limo bus is the better choice. For starters, a party/limo bus provides you with the ability to stand up. Giving you far more room to move around and far more room to breath, especially if you have a large wedding dress. We also stock our buses with epic sound systems and built in bars where you can enjoy champagne right on your way to wherever your wedding day will take you!

We know just how stressful this day can be for people. That's why we always make sure that if there is one thing that you will not have to worry about for your big day, it's the luxury transportation that you have hired. We even offer packages for weddings throughout the year and red carpet service to add even more luxury to your big day. A wedding is one of the most popular occasions to use one of our buses or limousines, so make sure that you book your trip with us as early as possible so that you get the most out of your weddings luxury transportation experience. Don't forget to ask of booking specialists about our special packages and bundles that can cover your big day as well as your bachelor & bachelorette parties.

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