South Carolina Bachelor Party

While our lovely city can be a a charming Southern town at first glance, it's a partiers town at its core. From the handful of strip clubs and adult bars scattered throughout the town to some of the huge nightclubs, this is one of the best towns for bachelor parties. And with some of the classy venues in the city has to offer, throwing your own bachelor parties couldn't be simpler. Bachelor parties offer a large variety of options of what to do but first, let's cover the most standard types of celebrations our clients go with.

The area has some of the best strip clubs in South Carolina. You can find everything from truly classy gentleman's clubs to more informal clubs for you and a few guys. Big name strip clubs like the Penthouse have locations in Myrtle beach, so if you're planning on sparing no expenses for this bachelor party, you can't go wrong by coming here. But if you were looking for a more familiar night out, there are a host of local gentleman's clubs like Derriere's. With this club, you can bring your own beer, which makes it perfect for a smaller budget.

Planning a great celebration for the grooms last night out on the town at some of the best venues is a great option for a closed-doors event. If you have some great ideas already planned out for the party, renting out a party venue or a VIP section is the perfect way to finalize all the plans. You can find all sorts of entertainment options in the area that can perform at a venue. From local cover and tribute bands to stand-up comedians and dancers, the options are out there, you just need to choose. If the budget is a concern, think about going for a venue that doesn't offer a bar service but does allow you to bring in your own drinks. By doing this, you ensure that your tab doesn't go out of control by the end of the night. If you buy your drinks beforehand and hire a bartender for the night, you can figure out an exact amount that you'll be spending on alcohol. However, some great venues like the Giant Crab can host your event and cater food and alcohol as well.

Since the South Carolina Atlantic shore is rich with sightseeing and has a vibrant downtown area, traveling around the town in a one of our buses or limos is a great option to take in the city with all of your friends. Gather a few of the guys, get some drinks and enjoy some entertainment, and you have a perfect bachelor party on wheels. The options are endless with this idea. You can either go bar hopping throughout the town or you could simply lock yourselves in and party until the sun comes up seeing the best sights around the city at night. Whether you decide to spend a night with only the guys or if you're planning on a crazy party night for your last night out as a single man, Myrtle Beach is one of the best cities for a bachelor party.

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